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Pro Edge Hockey Development



Quincy Youth Arena
July 6 - 10
July 20 - 24
August 3 - 7
August 10 - 14

August 17 - 21

Pro Edge Hockey wants to know YOU as a hockey player and individual. With Professional coaches who are activley still involved in the game, working with a 4-1 player to coach ratio, we will bring the best out of you and make you the well rounded player it takes to make the next step.

Pro Edge Hockey is designed to bring the maximum out of each and every player. We want to develop a working relationship with every athlete over the course of 8 weeks. Athletes will work hard and have fun embracing new challenges forcing them to break their current comfort zone on and off the ice. 10 hours on ice per week working on skating, skills and situational play

Edge Work:
The key to becoming a great skater. With the way hockey is developing and all the new rule changes skating is even more important than ever to play at the highest levels of hockey.

Over speed:
"Practice like you play". If you want to be able to perform in a game you have to master your skills at an over speed pace while training. Practicing slow and going through the motions only develops bad habits. Pro Edge Hockey will force you to break your comfort zone and get you to a level you have never been at before.

Situational Play:
You can be the most skillfull player on your team but if you cannot think the game and know what to do in certain situations you will not make it to the next level. We will instill hockey sense and teach you the correct way to handle different hockey situations.

10 hours of off ice per week working on quick feet, agility and power

No matter how strong you are, you can always get stronger. Whether you have experience in the gym or have never seen the inside of a weight room, we can make you stronger. Our Strength coach will be hands on working with each athlete teaching hockey specific drills.

Quick Feet:
No Athlete can ever be quick enough. We will help you develop your agility and quick feet in ways that are fun and challenging. Our strength coach will challenge you to become a better overall athlete which will make you a better hockey player and allow you play at the level you want to play at.

5 hours of classroom/video per week

Video is one of the greatest teaching/coaching techniques available. It allows us coaches, to break down and explain things in a visual manor that can not be done verbally on the ice.

"Chalk talk":
Another visual aid. We will diagram and break down the smallest most important parts of the game and teach the kids what is right and wrong. We will discuss why it is right or why it is wrong and make sure each and every player understands the reasons for why we are teaching the certain situation.

Flexibility is a very important part of training. There will be a yoga instructor in attendance a couple of times a week to teach the basics of becoming more flexible and to help with the overall health of the athlete.

Advising: Kids are going to be forced with tough decisions throughout their career and life. Whether it's dealing with a coach, which team to play for, which high school to attend, which position to play, how to go about getting recruited, etc, Pro Edge is there to help you with those difficult decisions. Get help from the guys who have been through it all.

We will have a boxing trainer on hand a couple of times a week to work with the kids on the introduction and fundamentals of boxing. Boxing is a great workout and will help with overall athleticism and coordination.


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